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Our latest announcements

Hey Grifians,

A great announcement today!

We're happy to say that Skyblock is now open for the public, but keep in mind that this is still in BETA and there may be some issues.
Please report these issues at the forums.

If you're somehow not familiar with this gamemode:
You start with an island, you can do whatever you want on it.
The goal is to do challenges and you will receive rewards by doing so. You can invite friends to help you or join someone you can help.
There is much more, but you need to find out.

What's so special about it?
Well, we completely brought back the older version of skyblock server, just a 'normal skyblock'.
Not the op stuff, just a place where you can grind the quests and not some place with diamond block's everywhere.
Just the old good days..

Is it pay to win?
Currently there are no crates or special kits for donators. Kits will most likely be added soon maybe crates too..
This will not affect any other players, because these items will just be used by the one player. We don't have a pvp area in skyblock.

Any other questions? Just leave a reply!

Anyways, enjoy it.
~ The Grif's development team.

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Greetings from one of the staffs of The Grif, since it is the 2nd anniversary of our community, we prepare something for you! A Carnival World composed of minigames.
What does this event and map contains?
  • Basically it is composed of with variety of Minigames!
  • There is a corresponding tokens for every game you will play and this token can be exchanged into something greater reward
​How long will this event will run?
  • As of now the staff team is deciding for how long this event will run.
Where is this event/map located?
  • It is made in the main lobby of the server when you logged in just follow the sign it will leads you to a tunnel wink
  • It is at the right most part of the main lobby.

Checkout the event map for more info! We will be waiting for you there! Happy 2nd Anniversary again Grifians! Enjoy!
~Staff Team

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Hey, happy birthday The Grif!

We turned two years old!
2 years ago, 2016. 9 May. The server was released, offering multiple fun gamemodes like we did back then.
This is just an announcement thanking everyone who plays and played the server.

We're also hosting a rank giveaway in our discord ( which will be rolling out in a few hours, good luck to the people who entered.
Also just celebrating it, our community (also staff members) are celebrating this. We're a real community server, our community decides. That's why we do polls in our discord and stuff.

We really thank you for the 2 years, even though we had bad and good times. I feel like this is a good time.
Also a good time to celebrate this, have fun!

As far I know, there won't be any official events hosted. But there will be by the community. Join our discord to ask people about it, if you are not in our discord. It is just a place where we talk about lots of things and also just like 'Hey do you wanna play plots' and that kinda stuff.

~ Love you all, speaking from me & the team.

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Hey Grifians,

9 May, 2016 our server released. As you see, we are close to that date.
We already thank you for everything, playing our server makes us happy already.

We from the staff team already thank you very much for the almost 2 years. We hope we can get to the 3 or more.
Leave ideas about what we can do to celebrate this.

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About a month ago we have released /vote again but we found out it was not good, it didn't work well.
So, I've spend HOURS resolving this issue, especially today. Today I spend bassicaly my whole day fixing this.

A /vote command may not sound as much, but most people use premade stuff but we wrote a custom core for it.
So, enjoy /vote getting rewarded and helping us out. Voting for us on a server list really helps us growing & getting a much bigger playerbase.
If you want to help us and  yourself geting free coins by spending 1 to 2 minutes. Well, you can do it with /vote!

Thank you for reading.

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