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New theme - almost done!
by: Yecy 23 days ago

We've just released the new theme, it's almost done just changing some colours.
This will be done in the few next days without any down time, enjoy it!

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New FFA map.
by: Yecy over 49 years ago
Hey Grifians.

A much, much and much requested update..
A new FFA/KitPvP map. Based on our old one.

Just join and check it out, it is amazing to PvP in and we hope this makes it more fun.
The size should be perfect now, before it wasn't as amazing.

~ Thanks to our new builders. :)

Thanks for reading, leave a reply about what you think 
Make sure to join!

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Sumo update soon
by: Yecy over 49 years ago

In this announcement, we'll be talking about one of our amazing game mode's called 'Sumo'.
If you haven't played this game mode, well the point of the game is that you need to hit the other player off. And if you did you win!
This may sound a little bit boring but it is a real competitive game mode. Also fun.

But some of the updates we have planned we may release are:
  • The knockback will be improved. And or the reach.
  • We'll be adding a much bigger map('s).
  • We'll also be a bigger fight-platform so there will be more intense fights.
  • We also may add a ranking system with rating (elo), and a level system which will be with the elo.
~ Also more features but these are the main and public ones.

Thanks for reading!

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by: TheGrif over 49 years ago
Added a few things to the website.:
  • Added more forums.
  • Fixed permissions issues.
  • Fixed navigation bar.
  • Added rank sync.

Have fun with these updates.
~ Our development team.

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Sumo update we talked about is released.
by: Yecy over 49 years ago

A few weeks ago we announced that we are working on a new update for one of our game modes called sumo.

If you're not familiar with it, the point of the game mode is 1v1'ing someone and you need to knock him off the platform.
If you knocked the other person off, you won! If not, you obviously lost.

So, what is new?
- Well, mainly our amazing map built by a really nice person on the creative plot server called @KruptonColress.
- Also multiple bug fixes, thank's for reporting.

But wait, in the last post about sumo it said that there might be a ranking system?
* Due to the fact the server doesn't have enough players in order to have a good ranking system we have decided not to release that game mode.

But how does it even looks?
Well join, or just check out these screenshots I toke:

Hope you enjoyed this update, make sure to leave a reply about what you think.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day! Enjoy! 

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