Assemble A Front Door Knobs Lock

Unique Front Door Knobs

Front Door Knobs – Today’s front door knobs generally come as part of the lock mechanism and are not interchangeable with other lock and knob systems. This means that if any part of the lock or mute the system is damaged, the entire mechanism must be replaced, not just the damaged part. Fortunately, installing a new knob lock system is not complicated, as long as you buy one that is the right size and style to your door. When you buy it, “setbacks” measurement from the front edge and the thickness of the door.

Assemble a front door knobs lock, Measure from the center of door handles wide hole on the door of the (almost) the front edge, by means of a measuring tape. This measurement, known as “kickback”, is usually between 2 and 2 1/2 inches. Measure the width of the door. You need both numbers to ensure you have the right lock assembly.  Separate different pieces of your lock and knob assembly kit. Find the lock mechanism, which is a narrow circular tube with the lock comes off the end of it. Push it into the small hole in the front edge of the door with the lock pointing outwards. Place the lock, so that the curved side facing the door frame and the back are visible in the front door knobs hole. Dishing the lock mechanism to the front edge of the door with a screwdriver and lock screws with your kit.

Set the front door handle in the hole on the door. The threaded stem of the stud through the hole in the rear end of the lock mechanism. Set the inside door handle through the other side of the door. Thread its stem in the lock mechanism. Insert the two long machine screws through the holes in the bottom of the door handle, and then it connects to the receiving holes on the underside of another bud. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Set the latch plate on the frame of the door. Line up the hole in the plate with a hole in the door frame. Surely it in place with the screws. Test the front door knobs for the correct operation of the lock.