Attic Access Door Design Ideas

Attic Access Door Design

Attic Access Door – Look at the roof line of your house to determine a good location for access to the attic. The height of the attic access door will be higher at places where the roof forms a peak. Choose a space that is removed from the living areas to cut an opening. Choose a place in a hallway, the ceiling area of ​​the garage, laundry room or outside the house. You can build a staircase to an attic door from the outside of the house.

Get help from a skilled carpenter to assess how they are constructed beams and frame walls. You will construct supporting structures around any opening cuts. If there is no access at all to the attic access door, you have to remove a section of drywall ceiling area or remove the coating of masonry on top of your house.

Use a saw to cut a beam to open the roof over the attic access door. Enter the attic area to measure the exact opening for access. Nailed long screws down to reveal an outline of the opening in the ceiling of the room below the attic. Use a framing square to draw the exact contour. Use a screwdriver or a spatula to remove the drywall in the ceiling area.