Beautiful Outdoor Stair Treads

Wood Outdoor Stair Treads

Outdoor stair treads – Ancient principles ensure good stairs with a minimum of materials. This helps us a splendid staircase in dark tropical wood. The finished stair sand and get good wood oil for outdoor use. Already once oil every now and then and regular cleaning keeps it easy 40-50 years. The new terrace is ready with its stylish dark wooden deck and great views high above the hilly grounds now it is time to connect it with grass 140 centimeters further down. We do that here with a solid staircase with the same beautiful wood on the steps, decorative stuffed with teak over the screws. Pure luxury to see and walk on also can be quite simple and built according to classical recipe.
At the top has attached to the terrace’s skeleton, below are the just some stable tiles. The three beams, which are the steps to, created with a minimum of materials. The small triangles, we cut out of the side member, we will return and recycle, so steps are twice as wide as the notches. Thereby we just 15cm wide beams under the 23 cm wide steps. Nevertheless, before we get that far, we need to find out how many steps that must be on the stairs, where wide steps should be and how steep stairs should be. It does not take much before a stairway is difficult or unpleasant to walk on but fortunately does not take much to make it nice and natural to move on.
A classic formula of the relationship between the step depth and the step height plastered on the task along with a few basic rules, and from that, we will have some good options to choose. In addition, the formula is just as good if you befitting a staircase together by pressure-treated wood. Alternatively, if you love simple and need short design of outdoor stair treads it is perfectly possible to build a staircase that does not require mathematical formulas and a major tool arsenal. Ruler saw and screwdriver can solve when the stairs are only a few steps high, the task.