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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Minimalist

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring – Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is one of the best wood floors that you can install in your home. The material is red or salmon-colored, but it’s common to feel streaked with dark stripes are interesting. This material is available as both solid and engineered wood. On the Janka hardness scale solid wood has a rating of 2820. It comes in two standard sizes: ¾ “and 3 ¼”.
While the name may sound exotic materials, prices. Price includes: Engineered ($ 6.20), prefinished ($ 5.50) and unfinished ($ 4.75- $ 5.00). How refinish Flooring Materials Just like other wood floor, the easiest way to ensure that the floor retains an elegant look for a long time is to refinish it. For ideal results you have to follow a set of rules: Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring tends to get darker with age; therefore, you do not have to stain only a small area as the differences with other regions will become clear. If you want to look the same all over the floor you have to refinish it.
While the materials are difficult to design Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring, you do not have to follow the extraordinary measures when sanding it. You have to do is to use a drum or belt sander. Then you must vacuum the floor and sand using 40-grit sandpaper.