Build Outdoor Cushion Storage By Your Own

Outdoor Cushion Storage DIY

Outdoor Cushion Storage – The furniture of large stores are usually made for large spaces. Here’s a way to combine seat and storage. That is make your own cushions for ordinary wooden boxes. The only one you should note is, if you will try to reuse the fabric you have, hay products in spray that can apply to make the fabric waterproof for outdoor use. The main materials are wooden boxes and plastic foam. Also waterproof cloth and glue for fabric.
To make the outdoor cushion storage, simply cut the plastic foam to the correct size so that it fits over the top of the two boxes, and then cut a piece of fabric that easily wraps the plastic foam. Make well-made folds and wrap the fabric around the plastic foam. Fasten with safety pins to hold the fabric in place while adhering with heat-resistant material for application with iron or with fabric glue. Or you can leave it as it is (the safety pins are hidden) and change the fabric when you like or change the season of the year.
If using a waterproofing spray, turn the outdoor cushion storageover and spray both sides.Allow it to dry between one side and the other. Once finished, place the cushion over the boxes and use the open area below to store garden items, extra pillows, etc.