Caring Outdoor Teak Furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture – Teak is particularly suitable for outdoor use because it has a natural content of oil and is dimensionally stable. It can withstand wind and weather without affected. Alternating humidity can cause the tree to stand up and give rough surfaces smoothed with fine sandpaper. Wind Scratches are small cracks between the veins, which come and go depending on the humidity. They are irrelevant for the furniture’s durability. A surface treatment with either oil or soap does not prolong the tree’s life, but protects against stains mm.
Untreated outdoor teak furniture that stands out in all weathers, develops a beautiful, silvery gray. Soap flakes do not darken the wood, rather the opposite, and it does not prevent the slow fading of the surface to silver gray. But remember, it’s either soap flakes or oil. If you want to preserve your teak furniture golden color while protecting them from dirt and algae, you should provide them with teak oil before you take them in use. There are many types of teak oil. It is important that you choose oil with a fungicide (kills algae) which intended for outdoor use. Furthermore, Mandalay recommends that you use colorless oil without color pigment as color pigment oil gives the wood an artificial color and removes the game that is in the tree. Both Mandalay Tung and Zinolin oil is colorless oils intended for outdoor use.
The oil treatment should take place indoors or in the shade. Direct sunlight will cause the oil to harden too quickly and before you get to dry the excess oil. This leaves the furniture with glossy surfaces. Remember! Used oil rags may ignite spontaneously. They must therefore immediately after use are disposed of in a closed container or burnt. It recommended washing cloths with water after use. Cleaning of outdoor teak furniture surfaces for general wiping use a damp cloth moistened with a mild detergent. Grease stains, marks and algae can removed with either a fixed soft soap dissolved in warm water, scouring powder or wood cleaner. After a full or more seasons fresco furniture can do with a thorough cleaning. Here, use a wood cleaner or a fixed soft soap.