Do It Yourselft Measurement Sliding Door Blinds

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Sliding Door Blinds – Vertical blinds are common window treatment for sliding glass doors. If the interior space is limited as its door is provided with protruding handles, choose an outside mount to prevent the blind caught in the hardware. Installation of the blind in the opening is a good choice if the opening is deep enough or if the door is provided with a recessed handle. Measurement, use a steel tape, record the measurements in inches and around the figure to the nearest eighth of an inch.

Measure the width of the opening with a steel tape measure. Add 8 inches to control light and privacy. Specify “Sliding door blinds mounting width abroad” in your order form. If opening the patio door abuts against a wall, shelf or cabinet, add 4 inches instead of 8 inches and a rough sketch in your order form shows obstruction. Measure the height of the opening in three places; left, center and right. Use the lowest measure. Specify “opening height for outdoor installation” on your order form. If there are any borders, boxes or other obstructions ledge above the door, measure the height of the obstruction and include a rough sketch in your order form.

Measure the width of the opening of three places; upper, middle and lower, if you’re measuring for sliding door blinds mounted inside the opening. Bookmark this measure as “Internal mounting opening width.” The factory hidden enough to deduct the separation of space hardware and also ensure that the sheets overlap enough for privacy. Measure the height from the ground into the opening above the door in three places; left, center and right. Use the lowest measurement and mark this figure as “opening height in Monte.” The factory will deduct the appropriate amount at the bottom of the shade to allow removal of soil. Cables Specify which side you want to mount the operation.