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IGN: Yecy
By Yecy » 2 months ago
Hey, happy birthday The Grif!

We turned two years old!
2 years ago, 2016. 9 May. The server was released, offering multiple fun gamemodes like we did back then.
This is just an announcement thanking everyone who plays and played the server.

We're also hosting a rank giveaway in our discord ( which will be rolling out in a few hours, good luck to the people who entered.
Also just celebrating it, our community (also staff members) are celebrating this. We're a real community server, our community decides. That's why we do polls in our discord and stuff.

We really thank you for the 2 years, even though we had bad and good times. I feel like this is a good time.
Also a good time to celebrate this, have fun!

As far I know, there won't be any official events hosted. But there will be by the community. Join our discord to ask people about it, if you are not in our discord. It is just a place where we talk about lots of things and also just like 'Hey do you wanna play plots' and that kinda stuff.

~ Love you all, speaking from me & the team.


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IGN: Wattl3
By Wattl3 » 2 months ago
Host build battle contest/s and last man standing at SG FFA! 😊

The Most Awesome Admin of The Grif!