Glow In The Dark Wall Paint Like Stars

Glow In The Dark Wall Paint Amazon

Glow in the dark wall paint – A wall full of stars accent is part of a magical room that is perfect for dreaming. Paint the wall with a paint glow in the dark wall paint sky. This can be dark blue or even black if desired.
Allow the paint to dry completely before adding the stars to the wall. Place stars on the walls and use a white pencil to draw around them. Place the stars whenever you want. For example, it could form a border with them around the edge of the wall or scatter randomly over the wall.Use a small brush or sponge brush to fill in the stars that contrast with paint, like white or silver.
To add a special touch to the room when it is dark, use glow in the dark wall paint to paint the stars. Stick some stars that glow in the dark wall paint plastic all over the wall, between the painted stars. This bright look and add extra sparkle to the wall when the lights go out. If you used that glow in the dark paint, you may want to skip this, but you could accentuate the wall with planets that glow in the dark or comets instead.