Grey Hardwood Floors Latest Trend

Cool Grey Hardwood Floors

Grey hardwood floors – Each time more fashionable is wood for the Interior of the House, also this type of finish has several advantages. Wood creates a warm atmosphere and a healthy climate, but the challenge is living in a House with walls of wood without looking like a cabin. The key is to find the right balance between large surfaces of wood, furniture and accessories. To counteract the warmth of the wood it is recommended to combine it with more cold as stone, cement and glass materials.
In the case of a large area grey hardwood floors wall, it is recommended to combine it with a dark grey cement floor. The great ventanalas and the use of steel also generate a good contrast. While the wood provides a rustic-looking, you can redefine it is combination of different types and with different materials.
For wooden walls look modern, the best is the furniture to be reduced. Furniture, in turn, should be sober and straight lines. This does not mean that one should renounce his stately Chair or an antique. Well combined grey hardwood floors, make up a good mix. The order is important. The reloaded and messy rooms should be avoided. If you want to live surrounded by wood, it is important to know to choose and grouping. Wood needs space.