History Of The Crystal Door Knobs

Luxury Crystal Door Knobs Ideas

Crystal door knobs – The crystal door knobs old are treasures of bygone days that today are highly valued by collectors and restorers alike. The history of these beautiful pieces of our past begins with the technological advances of the early nineteenth century. The crystal door knobs still in production, but the look and feel of glass is very different versions old. The old glass knobs looked watery compared to transparent reproductions of today.

Most crystal door knobs old made ​​were transparent, but the stained glass was used less frequently. Cobalt blue was a popular color with the lighter egg blue. Green, violet, red, white Vaseline glass and milk were produced more occasionally. If you’re looking for a little history for your home, you can find crystal door knobs old for about $ 20 per couple for common models 12 clear glass sides. Cut glass balls are more expensive because they are harder to find.  As with any antique or collectible, when rarer style or color, the more you’ll pay. The glass knobs cobalt, red or petrolatum is the most valuable for color knobs old. His condition is also a consideration, as are some broken glass that is virtually impossible to repair.