How To Assembling Gondola Shelving Ideas

Fabulous Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving – Gondola shelves are metal shelves with adjustable mounting racks. The racks slide in and snap into place and you can lift the shelves and locks to remove or adjust the height of the shelves. Installation takes only minutes and can be removed easily shelves because there is no need for any tools for disassembly. Collect the two vertical pieces and the four legs of the base and then turn the pieces upside down. The uprights are long pieces that are used to fasten the back of the shelves together. Slide two of the base legs at the bottom of one of the uprights. A base leg will go in front and one will go in the back, creating a “T”. Tighten the setting by pressing the legs of the base into place with a rubber mallet. Repeat for the second piece upright to create two “T” shaped pieces. Slide the hooks on the smaller rear panel in the grooves created in two uprights. Be sure to start at the bottom and insert the rear panel on the first hole at the bottom of each post.
Continue sliding hooks additional back panels into place over the lower part of the back panel. All parts are locked together and slide into the two studs. Insert the front socket on the front of the legs of the base. The hooks of the protective plate will slide and lock into place. Place the bottom shelf down on the basis of the legs and allow the hooks projecting on the bottom shelf to fit into the groves. Step back and see the platform to make sure it is level. If not, turn the foot at the bottom of the platform to raise or lower the feet to level the platform. Turn the feet clockwise to raise that side and to the left to lower that side. Slide the gondola shelving supports on the uprights.
A support sliding in a vertical position and the other in the same slot in the other upright to be secure even when the shelves instead. You can use various media, depending on the number of shelves you want. Lower the shelf into the brackets and lock them into place by pushing the front hooks in locks. Push down on the shelves to confirm that they are locked in place. Shelves should not move if insured. Repeat the instructions for the other side of gondola shelving. Place the top cover on top of the studs and push down into place. Place the top cover on the gap between the top of the shelves and snap into place.