How To Build A Padded Storage Bench

Best Padded Storage Bench

Padded storage bench – A padded storage bench is a useful piece of furniture. It is a convenient place to hold the blankets in a living room or toys in a child’s room instead. Getting two uses of a piece of furniture is important to save space, especially in small houses, where extra space is appreciated.
Build a padded storage bench, cut a wooden table in the middle of the saw so that you end up with two pieces of 2 by 2 foot. Cut the board straight or does not fit properly on the bench. Then cut ¾ inch in two of the 2 by 4 boards. Sand all pieces of wood with sandpaper 220 grit sanding sure all rough edges. This grain is thick enough to smooth the wood without creating scratches. Place the plywood boards to form a box. Start by placing one table 2-for-4 on a flat surface, and then add all sides and the top to ensure a good fit. Install the hinges attaching the parts to the last box and plywood board to complete the cover. Paint the box in your chosen style. Use bright paints a more durable finish and, if necessary, use primer as a base.
Cover the body pillow with pillowcase and use a stitch to close the open end of the box. Fold the edges of the pillowcase on the open end into ½ inch, and then draw the needle through the fabric, coming up again and again until it is completely sealed. Attach the pillow to the top of the padded storage bench to finish. Install the casters at the bottom of the box to make it easier to move. Re-drill the holes to prevent splitting wood screws and install appropriate size. Purchase a set of wheels with locks so that the box does not move when you sit on it.