How To Make A Plant Holder Stand

Unique Plant Holder Stand Ideas

Plant holder stand – Many household items and containers have the potential to become a holder of a stand. As the container is sturdy and liners are added to open structures such as wicker baskets, almost anything can be used. Potting outdoors, drainage must be adequate to prevent water logging. After filling the containers, ropes or chains should be fixed to provide secure support. The robust structure of a small canal or metal basket wicker plantation style would vary as the plants can be kept in their original containers.
Place tape within the channel in the positions for the drainage holes for plant holder stand. This will stop bit from slipping. Place the channel on two bricks at the ends, so there is room to drill. Make an initial hole with the least 1/8 of the drill. Then enlarge using bit 3/8. Constant bit on tape, then drill. Thread a generous amount of strong plastic coated wire through the hole formed by the edge of the sheet metal. This will give the points of attachment chain to suspend the channel. Make a small loop at each corner of the channel as you Thread the cord around. This is can form loops. Insert a pencil in the loop and then turn several times. Place potted plants in the channel, making sure they are spaced evenly so that the channel is balanced when plant holder stand. Attatch chain in the points four eyelets, ensuring that none of the links are twisted.