How To Make Furniture From Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Modern Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Sliding Barn Door Hardware – Barn doors hanging in the raceways to create a sliding door can be a, attractive to divide two rooms, but do not limit their enjoyment of this feature rustic rescued for its intended purpose modern solution. Do furniture with barn doors that capitalizes on its weathered appeal and high surface area. Headboards, farmhouse dining tables and coffee tables all look great style as a barn door is the star of design. These DIY projects only require basic knowledge of construction.

Make a header sliding barn door hardware. Use a barn door for a double bed; use two for a king-size bed. Hang them on the wall behind the bed, with secure mounting accessories that are appropriate for your wall material. Do not leave space between the bed and barn doors or they seem to float precariously. Monte wall sconces in the barn door to add lighting to the bedside. Build a dining table barn door.

Purchase two by four inch boards and boards four inches. Measure the wood to the top of the table to fit within the framework of the barn door. Coloring under the table to match the barn door, adding effects weathered paint if desired. Place the barn door on the frame of the table. Screw in place through the bottom of the frame, or allowing the upper and lower part remain separate; the door should be heavy enough to stay in place. Develop a coffee table sliding barn door hardware with other recycled objects if you have limited interest in developing their construction skills. Use resistant lobster traps, wine boxes or two anvils handsome vintage wood to support the table. Make a higher version of this issue for a bedroom drawer white metal hospital re-used to support the door and a large mirror above to create an unusual vanity.