How To Use The Under Stair Storage

Luxurious Under Stair Storage

Under stair storage – We often talk about the importance EspacioHogar space saving at home. It is increasingly important to use the meters of the house, and so we must consider all options to optimize the space. And a space for those who virtually wasted – and that is really great and profitable – is the space under stair storage. This type of decoration spaces are called “dead spaces”, and there are many ways that low-ladder called not. The ideas we provide you from EspacioHogar for space under stair storage are: Storage: the space under the stairs can be packaged for use as a storage area.
The under stair storage can be manufactured as a furniture on wheels that we can get and put many times as needed, and where we can put boxes or baskets with different elements. If you do not have space in the kitchen, for example, we can use the low-preserved stairs to save or cleaning components. Winery: space under the stairs can also be used to build a winery. Bathroom: without doubt, the idea I like is to adapt the space for a small bathroom for reception. This idea can be adapted perfectly to spaces below the big stairs.