Ideas For Construct The Earring Jewelry Box

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Earring jewelry box – Cut two pieces of 1-to-4 with the aid of the height measurement of the jewelry box. Make this measurement by measurement of the opening in the wall. Cut two pieces with the width of the wall opening. Put the two vertical parts of the jewelry box on the wall and bumping their ends at the edges of the two horizontal parts – lay a horizontal section on the top and one at the bottom, both perpendicular and on their side.
Close the sides of the jewelry box together. Apply glue to the corner joints and nail them through the top and bottom using the pneumatic nailed and brad nails. This will form a rectangular frame. Clean the back of the jewelry box. Place the earring jewelry box frame on the front, and measure the width and length of his back. Construct the front frame of the jewelry box. Apply glue to the front edge of the jewelry box, place the 1-to-2 pieces on the edge – 2-inch side down – and nail them in place with the pneumatic nailed. This is the frame that will anchor the jewelry box in the wall and that the rough-cut edges of the drywall will hide. Clean shelves and hanging racks in the jewelry box using the 1/2-in-1, 1-on-2 and 1-by-4.
Stain or paint to coordinate inside and outside of the jewelry box with its framed-mirror front door, or based on a personal preference. Set the earring jewelry box aside to dry. Recess the jewelry box in the wall. Push it back until the frame stops to go further. Nail into the wall along the frame and in the closet, into the wall studs. Align and level mirror forward to installing the cabinet and door.  Screw the cabinet magnetic closure on the inside of the door mirror and jewelry box frame.