Ideas For Outdoor Storage Ottoman Padded With Drawers

Black Outdoor Storage Ottoman

Outdoor storage ottoman – an ottoman with drawers is a smart way to add versatility. Flip-top lids can be cumbersome and things inside are only crowded and messy. Boxes will allow accumulating items such as books, magazines so you can keep your room clean and tidy. You can complete the project in less than 2 days when you take the time to die or paint and allowing the glue to dry.
Base outdoor storage ottoman, Determine the height, width and depth for your ottoman, and if you want to have a square or rectangular shape. Draw a design on a piece of paper with your measurements. Panels Cutting MD for the top, sides and bottom, according to their measurements. Or privileged spot paint the panels and allow drying. Run a drop of contact cement along the edges of the bottom panel. Use a nail gun to attach the side panels. Grasp the edges of each corner. Add glue to the top edges and install the top panel.
Determine the width and height of the front of the drawer by measuring the inner edges of the top and bottom of the open side of the ottoman and the space between the left and right inner sides. Measure the length of the side panels of Ottoman to determine the length of the drawers. Use your measures of length and width to cut two pieces of MDF to form the bottom panel of the drawers. Run a drop of contact cement along the outer edge of the bottom panels for each drawer.  Place the slide units on the sides of each drawer and mark the screw locations. Drilling holes starting and finishing connecting the slide with a screwdriver. Place the bottom drawer in the outdoor storage ottoman and mark the screw locations of the side rails with a carpenter’s pencil. Repeat for the top drawer. Start drilling holes and rails are attached to the sides of the ottoman.