Ideas For Removing Outdoor Shutters

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Outdoor Shutters – Exterior shutters add a decorative element to your home. For centuries, blinds serve the purpose of blocking light and climate of the house, and swayed back and forth in the hinges. Today blinds are rarely mobile, but still accentuate the window. If you are painting your home or repair coating, you will have to remove the blinds first. Removing most of the blinds is a simple process. Visible screws, Remove visible with an electric drill fitted with a screw driver bit. Set the drill to “Reverse” and firmly place the bit in the screw head. Press the trigger of the drill, enough to loosen the screw. Once the screw is loose, use a slow drilling to remove.
Ideas for removing outdoor shutters, Remove all hinges and hardware, if any. Standard flat blinds can have six screws, two on top, two on the bottom and two in the center of the shade. Other blinds can have decorative braces holding it in place. Number of the back of your blinds as you takes them off, using a pencil. If you have custom blinds, it is essential that you get them back in the same place.
Covered screws or Stuck, Dig four notches paint and putty screw with a screwdriver, if you can see them. If the original installer fills holes flush with the front of the blinds, you may have to look between the coating and the rear edge of the blind to detect the screws. Remove the screws once the paint and putty the holes clean with a drill. Number blinds as you take off. Cut the screw carefully with a reciprocating saw if the screw is stuck and cannot get it out with a drill or a normal screwdriver. This is the last resort, but if the slots in the screw head are removed or screw will not move, the only way to take the plug is cut off the screw. Slip the thin blade of the jigsaw between the sealing and coating, and hold the saw firmly while cutting through the screw. When the outdoor shutters is open, use pliers to pull out the screw tip of the coating.