Installation Of Floating Laminate Floor

Fantastic Floating Laminate Floor

Floating laminate floor – Laminate flooring is made of layers of synthetic material, often fiberboard and melamine resin which simulate wood. It is less expensive than hardwood, but is designed to have the same visual appeal while not as durable. Laminate flooring is grooved on each side to allow boards to fit together. You do not need glue, nail or otherwise attach it to the sub-floor, hence the term “floating floor”. No nails, screws or glue are necessary to join the planks. This allows easy installation and expansion and contraction without any stress to the floor or ground.
Prepare the surface of the sub-soil. This can be of concrete, vinyl or wood. Carpets should be removed before installation floating laminate floor. It is essential for the sub-floor is flat and free of foreign objects that could cause the flooring to buckle. Scrape the remains of glue and be sure to remove the nails.  Measure the width of the room and divided by the width of each laminate plank.
Sweep the floor again and put some of the material of burlap. Cover with packing tape and allows 2 inches overlap at the walls to allow any compression during the installation floating laminate floor process. Remove the spacers and filling expansion joints with silicone sealant in kitchens and bathrooms and exterior doors.