Installing Wide Plank Pine Flooring

Famous Wide Plank Pine Flooring

Installing wide plank pine flooring of pine will take some time, but worth the effort. Pine floors add a touch early 20th century to a home. It is durable and resists traffic as well as any other wood floor. It is also easy to care for, as it can remove dust and dirt with a soft mop.
Installing wide plank pine flooring, Bar and vacuum the floor. This will remove excess waste. Lay down foam underpayment pad. This creates a vapor barrier and a small cushion. No tack or paste this barrier down. Measure the surface, using a tape measure. Start in a corner of the room and put boards from end to end. Cut any board should be cut to fit with a miter saw.
Of the first row nail down. You’ll only need the hammer for the first and last rows. This gives you a solid base. Place the second row of wide plank pine flooring below. Tighten to the previous row with the mallet. Hit the top of the nail gun with the hammer to fire the nail at an angle of 45 degrees. Continue this process until the floor is completed. Place the back row. Key on the floor with a hammer and nails. You do not have enough space to use the nail gun so close to the wall.