Make An Elegant Look Shabby Chic

White Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic – Shabby chic describes a style of decoration that looks very tired but warm and welcoming. The style is reminiscent of older homes, recalling an earlier, simpler time. Vintage furniture, linen tea-stained, aged wood and light airy appearance are characteristic of the style.

Choose a focal point. Shabby chic incorporates a wide range of eclectic furnishings and can seem cluttered. Avoid this trap by choosing one piece to remove the bulb, with all other elements that play a secondary role. Most popular focal points include a sofa or chair, artwork or design of floors. Mount a vintage collection. Shabby chic is a popular style, so many new items are created intentionally to be old. For more authentic look, look penthouses their families, flea markets and vintage stores to find pieces that are really old. Look for items that are well made, with strong frames and robust design.

Choose fabrics to shabby chic. Fabric can be used to create window treatments, slipcover sofas and chairs, to act as pillows and throws. The sheets and comforters are especially popular. Pastel and white are the most common, although white fabrics can be dipped in tea to create the appearance of age. Painting and anguish any piece of wood. Distressing furniture is a technique that makes it look old and worn. Use two contrasting paint colors, allowing some of the base color to show through the top layer. Once dry, use sandpaper to remove paint along the edges and architectural details. A clear top coat protects your work.