Make Paint Primitive Decor

Best Paint Primitive Decor

Primitive Decor – Primitive decor often features painted surfaces timeworn. Select two colors of paint to the surface. The highlight color is the base layer and the secondary color is the enamel. Tape all areas where you do not want applied glaze technique. Allow paint to dry thoroughly, which should take about four to six hours.

Place a small amount of the mixture of crystals in the sea sponge with a brush. Remove excess glaze sea sponge with a clean cloth. Cover the entire area with glaze and allow to dry for four to six hours. Cover the entire surface with a layer of transparent polyurethane, water-based paint with a roller. Tape all areas which should not be treated. If your soil needs protection, place plastic sheeting. Apply a full coat of base coat with a paint roller ¼ inch nap. Remove the tape to allow paint to breathe primitive decor.

Reapply any tape to protect adjacent areas. Roll a coat of crackle glaze degraded in the area you are dealing with a paint roller ¼ inch nap. Remove the masking tape and wait two to four hours to dry weathered crackle glaze. Apply masking tape and a final time paint on a flat top layer color using the roller clean. Roll in only one direction to avoid overloading the paint. Remove the tape and allow the paint to dry for three days. Paint primitive decor on a light to protect the crackle effect and provide easy clean surface finish.