Make Seat Covers For Outdoor Bar Stool

Wood Outdoor Bar Stool

Outdoor Bar Stool – Make your stools covers to protect them during normal use. You can do covers of any material, but machine-washable fabrics like cotton and denim are excellent choices of high traffic, pleasant areas for children. Whatever material you choose, make two sets of covers for their banks are always protected and you have the freedom to change the design of the room to suit different occasions. Make seat covers for outdoor bar stool, Measure the seat diameter and the thickness of the seat. Cut a round of ply 3 greater than the sum of the diameter and thickness inches. Calculate the circumference of the seat outdoor bar stool with the following formula: circumference is equal to pi times the diameter. For example, if the diameter of the circle is 20 inches, 20 inches multiplied by 3.14 to get a circumference of 62.8 inches. Cut a piece of elastic half of the length of the circumference of the fabric. Sew a loose along the perimeter of the round, half – inch from the edge of the fabric stitch. Pull the beginning and end of the stitch thread fabric to collect current.
Hold the material so that it resembles a sack with the wrong stuff out side. Pin the elastic around the mouth cup fabric around a quarter inch of the raw edge. Overlapping the ends of a fourth elastic portion inches. Sew the elastic with a zigzag stitch. Trim any loose threads. Cover the raw edge of the fabric with glue and dry overnight. Rotate the piece inside out so that the decorative side of sample material and place it on the outdoor bar stool like a shower cap.
Tips and warnings make seat covers for outdoor bar stool, Separating the surface and side of the seat cover for a look equipped. Instead of the combination of the measurements, make a round larger than the diameter of the seat and then inch; make a rectangular strip of the circumference of the round and wider than the width of the cushion height inch. After sewing the pieces together to form a cylindrical sleeve and fixing the elastic.