Make Tufted Storage Bench

Amazing Tufted Storage Bench

Tufted storage bench provide a place to rest your weary feet in terms of comfort and may also include storage space under the upholstered ottoman. They work well with modern living style and Oriental theme opulence and can be upholstered in leather, upholstery or other heavy-duty fabric. Use darker colors or bench tufted storage models that will see heavy use.
The indications in this project will produce a tufted storage bench with a top-hinged lid, quilted padded top button and storage inside. It is one of best designs of hideaway storage furniture today. This article assumes that the reader is a competent teen, experienced correct and safe use of hand tools and power. It also assumes that the reader understands the basic design principles of mobile and installation, how and why miter angles, and how and why to use the piano hinges in furniture assembly. It is also assumed that the reader is capable of reading and using diagrams for the correct positioning of the parts.
Become familiar with basic terms of the woodwork, the proper and safe use of power tools, and basic principles of furniture design and installation if you have never made a wooden project before. If you have never handled hand and power tools before, take a woodworking class at your local college before groped tufted storage bench this project. This project requires the ability miter, assemble parts in the correct position, reading the patterns, follow the instructions and apply the geometry.