Making A Dining Room Benches

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Dining room benches – Firstly, create a rectangular frame from bench-side aprons, 60-inch, one-of-three lumber, and bench-end bags, 8-inch, one-of-three lumber. Place the ends of the end aprons so they are inside the ends of the side aprons. Second, attach aprons frame along with two 2-inch deck screws through the side of the side aprons ends of end aprons.
Insert five supporting planks of 8-inch, 1-by-2 lumber steadily in scope, supporting planks pushed down to be even with the bottom of the bags. Fourth, fix the supports in place with two two-inch deck screws through the side aprons ends of the supports. Fifth, lay the bench of dining room benches at the top – a plank on 72-inch, two-by-12 – face down on a work surface. Center the frame on the bench top with guides touch the underside of the bench top.
Attach the bench top with four 2-inch deck screws driven through each skid into the underside of the bench top. Leaving the bench and frame upside down for now. Last, insert a bench leg, one 17-inch plank of 4-by-4 lumber, each corner of the frame. Attach each leg to the frame with four 3-inch bolts through each side of the frame in the legs; eight bolts together in each leg. Turn the countertop over and finish your dining room benches with a wood finish of your choice.