Making Cork Tiles For Walls

Fantastic Cork Tiles For Walls

Cork tiles for walls are a natural product that is very popular as wall and floor material. Often cork plaques are made from recycled cork stoppers of wine bottles and other debris, which makes it a green product. Instead of throwing your used wine corks, make your own cork boards out of them. Recycle wine corks thus eliminate landfill waste and add a touch of style to your home decor.
Allow collected wine cork tiles for walls to dry completely, or buy new corks supply store a winemaker. For each tile measuring 11 ½ inches square, you will need about 15 standard wine corks. Cut each cork crosswise into ¼-inch discs with a very sharp knife. You should get a standard seven-disc cork. Very dry corks can crumble in some places, but do not worry about the holes or gaps in the disk. Cut each disc of the same thickness to provide a tile level.
Loose sheets of double-sided adhesive paper to the size you want to be tiled finishes. Cut as many sheets as necessary to make all the tiles you want. Planning a global design and make any size or shape tiles favor. Remove the backing from one side of a sheet of paper double-sided adhesive. Place on a flat, level surface. Leave a ¼ inch border around all edges of paper and start placing cork discs on paper, even rows, or any design you choose. Follow cork tiles for walls disks placed on the adhesive sheet until it is covered.