Metallic Gold Wall Paint

Great Metallic Gold Wall Paint

Metallic gold wall paint – Enamel metallic gold wall paint pattern typically sold in quarter-oz glass or plastic bottles with screw caps. Dip the brush into the paint small, caring only to saturate the upper quarter of the bristles. Gold metallic paint is often used as an inexpensive substitute for gold leaf. The Rococo style of the Victorian decor saw heavy use, as genuine antiques, and foliate leaf swirls of gold.
Metallic gold wall paint over the areas that require a darker layer of metallic gold paint or areas that were lost. Align the areas around the gold paint to cover any that were miss painted. If painted gold remains visible under the paint touched up, allow the paint to dry and then add another layer of paint to cover the gold paint. Repeat until golden painting is covered.
Clean your brush pouring a capful of enamel paint cleaner on a paper towel and wipe the brush until clean. You can also pour a little cleaner enamel metallic gold wall paint in a disposable or recyclable glass bottle and dip and swirl the brush in the cleaner until clean, wipe the brush on a paper towel or cloth when finished.