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Hello :)



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Im sorry but we can't accept this. Im assuming it took you 3 minutes to submit it?
That's a -10 for me sorry.
Good Luck
3 months ago


This application does look good however you do have some spelling errors. Just 1 or 2 spelling mistakes which doesn't matter in my opinion. You do have lack of detail so that's a -1 for me.
Good Luck!!
It says i'm hero but Yecy has yet to fix my rank, I'm Jr.Mod.
3 months ago

Thanks for the support and I hope I will be with you all soon! Let us also try and persuade Yecy to make some changes on the server after the #Hype update.
5 months ago

I know there is lack of detail. Just wanted to see my rating and im a bit rusty considering I haven't made in app since I got Mod I believe? Either way thanks for your support!
5 months ago

What is your username, and past usernames?
Aggressiver, TheReaper, Ilusion4uta <-- We never speak of that name......ever
What's your first name?
When is your birthday?
What's your Twitter account? (Answer is N/A if you do not have one!)
What is your experience and knowledge of The Grif?
It is a small server and hopefully will be more popular as players around the world come and join the community. The community it self is good and there
are really no problems besides the kids that want to abuse their power. The Grif is a small but growing server and has potential.
Do you have any experiences in moderating a server? If so, please give us information about that server.
Yes, I have owned a server thanks to a friend and i have been staff on here before. I have been staff on other servers as well
such as SlimeCraft which will be released soon.
Why do you want to become a The Grif staff member?
Honestly, I want to feel useful again and not that being a member is bad or anything just that you feel alot more useful when you can do something about a problem.
Why do we have to accept you as a staff member on our network? What makes you special.
You don't have to. If you were i say what makes me special is that I am loyal and learn easily but not from people but from my own mistakes too.
Did you ever used any sort of cheats in Minecraft. | This will not affect your application.
I have used a hacked client before but just to test a anti-cheat plugin.
Have you ever been punished (banned, kicked, muted, etc) legitimately on a public Minecraft server? If so, why? And on what server was it..?
I have been muted on Hypixel for like 10m due to spamming in chat.
What do you consider your greatest strength as staff?
I can keep my temper under control and I can handle situations that are really stressful and could threaten the server.
What do you consider your greatest weakness as staff?
I would say that people resisting to screen share is my greatest weakness because if there is no other proof then what i saw they could say it was lag or a bug.
What should you do if you have access to the console, files and have an Owner rank for 1 day, what would you do/change or add to the server?
If i had access to console and the files i would remove SGFFA and KBFFA due to the fact there it too much pvp games. I would add something like factions and then
maybe a roleplaying game.
What games do you play most of the time on The Grif.
I play on Plots, KBFFA, KitPvP, and SkyBlock.
Are you able to record cheaters in 720p and good quality?
I can record in 720p good quality and stream.
Do you have any hobbies besides Minecraft?
I played soccer and i like to stream Fortnite.
Would you like to tell anything else? Such as you're pets?
I have one cat and two dogs? I like dogs and cats equally because that is wrong to prefer one or the other imo.
5 months ago