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SnowCat: 6 months ago
If you call me a girl. I will find you ... and kill you!!!

SnowCat: 6 months ago
This Is SnowCaaaaaaaaaat!



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What is your username, and past usernames?

What's your first name?
non of yo butt wax

When is your birthday?
18 of jancember
What's your Twitter account? (Answer is N/A if you do not have one!)

What is your experience and knowledge of The Grif?
its summer why do i need knowledge ffs & i have 0 exp in game

Do you have any experiences in moderating a server? If so, please give us information about that server.
yes i was hypixels co owner and mineplexs nothing cuz who cares about the anymore

Why do you want to become a The Grif staff member?
because i want to 

Why do we have to accept you as a staff member on our network? What makes you special.
because i will make u good

Did you ever used any sort of cheats in Minecraft. | This will not affect your application.
yes i cheating on my minecrsft girlfriend her name is pig

Have you ever been punished (banned, kicked, muted, etc) legitimately on a public Minecraft server? If so, why? And on what server was it..?
yes i told the owner his mom is a fat pig slut and he banned me and on another server i said ur moms gay and he said no u so i tried banning him so then he banned me
What do you consider your greatest strength as staff?
being good

What do you consider your greatest weakness as staff?
paying yecy to be my friend

What should you do if you have access to the console, files and have an Owner rank for 1 day, what would you do/change or add to the server?
well i am gonna be owner OBVIOUSWE i would ban peope and give me god mode and take over the server

What games do you play most of the time on The Grif.
all of em

Are you able to record cheaters in 720p and good quality?

Do you have any hobbies besides Minecraft?
yes i play football

Would you like to tell anything else? Such as you're pets?
no you pervert
3 months ago

4 months ago

Ha! geyy
4 months ago


This is a very basic application saying *I can catch hackers* *I can ban hackers* And IMO i think you have had a look at the accepted applications then jumbled them up and changed a few words. so -1.

Good Luck!
4 months ago

@Shqde you didnt make the new topic saying Snow Is Kim Jong Un :( AND THE 8 OTHER PEOPLE WHO VIEWED THIS TOPIC >:(
4 months ago