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His main account(named: ToxicKrk) got muted PERMANENTLY because of the following reason, "SWEARING".
3 months ago

My whole point is you are way TOO IMMATURE to handle staff things, as I have seen here and how you speak at discord.
  • -1 Immaturity
  • -1 Keep begging staffs to view your application
  • -2 Celebrate fam.

    Last reply, won't DEBATE with you, kinda long thread!
3 months ago

Did you even read my whole reply? "You keep telling staffs to look at your application." Neither do I for English being not my home language but I can Type Normally Rather Than This One. Have had u read past applicant/s application/s? No I think. So can I add another reason why I wouldn't accept this? It's because you ain't acting professional, how do I say so? Getting criticized with your application then gave rebuttal moreover, "Just a reply to your ignorance." Is a bad thing to reply tbh, Let's keep it like in a real world/real experience and stuffs, will you say that thing to your employer to get a job? Think of it boy. I strongly stands with my -1 for your immaturity.
  • Not an argument too, just telling you.
3 months ago

Hi! First of all okay I think this is a rushed application imo. Second, you're typing "Like This Always" if I will be your English teacher for a minute I will give you -1 for this, proper construction of sentence should always be considered. Lastly, You can't ask staffs nor the owner to view your application instantly cause we are doing irl stuffs and server sided jobs too we are not saying that we are SO busy that we won't look at it but "patience is a virtue" one of the trait we are looking for a staff. Hope you understand this. anyways, goodluck!
3 months ago

Hi! This is a good staff application, same thought here as I noticed recently "What should you do if you have access to the console, files and have an Owner rank for 1 day, what would you do/change or add to the server?
If i had access to console and the files i would remove SGFFA and KBFFA due to the fact there it too much pvp games. I would add something like factions and then maybe a roleplaying game." I agree here(notice this Yecy). Anyways, good luck on you and your application and may the God of Waffle bless you. I hope I can see you lining back at staffs! 
3 months ago