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Hexrobotic: 2 months ago
i like peanuts

alvyn: 3 months ago
Yecy. Please just give me another chance. Please I promise I will be a better friend and a better staff member. I know what i did was wrong but I am sorry. Please just give me another chance

Aggressiver: 3 months ago
Can you look at my name history...they are all wrong :/

Yecy: 4 months ago
I'm the owner of The Grif..



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Is everyone enjoying playing?
21 days ago

Name of the Planet should be Planet 5R1F

It's a message :)

What's it?
22 days ago


We've just released the new theme, it's almost done just changing some colours.
This will be done in the few next days without any down time, enjoy it!
23 days ago

You were banned/muted/warned for your toxic behavior for at least 20 times.
29 days ago

Sorry, we just can't accept this.
This application toke you a minute I guess.
about 1 month ago