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Hexrobotic: 6 months ago
i like peanuts

alvyn: 7 months ago
Yecy. Please just give me another chance. Please I promise I will be a better friend and a better staff member. I know what i did was wrong but I am sorry. Please just give me another chance

Aggressiver: 7 months ago
Can you look at my name history...they are all wrong :/

Yecy: 8 months ago
I'm the owner of The Grif..



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Thanks for applying. Unfortunately, we can't accept you.
You can help to enforce our server rules and reporting rule breakers and telling them that they broke the rules.

Your application is appreciated.

21 days ago


Regarding your staff application you've submitted,
Thanks for putting time into this application but it just simply is not as detailed and the title also is wrong.
3 months ago


I hope the server will be better ---> need more singleplayer games because if 
nobody is on the server, just you, you can easily get bored.

Thanks for the reply,

I totally do agree with that, that's exactly what we're doing but there also will be multiplayer games.
We now only have Skyblock as a singleplayer game but will be adding more.

​​​​​​​Thanks !
3 months ago

Hey Grifians,

I'd like to announce that we actually will be improving the server.
We have lots of things planned to make this server fun again like it was before.

This will include but not limited to:
- Just a whole server revamp.
- Factions will be added, our way!
- The way we make things looks like they look like will change, maybe a different colour. *thinking*

Anyways, the website also works again and you can register it all should work fine.
Sorry that that toke so long! But it works so that's fine, I guess?

Anyways, thanks for reading.
3 months ago

Is everyone enjoying playing?
5 months ago