Recycle By Covering Paper Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Better Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Kraft Jewelry Boxes – Rings, necklaces or earrings come sometimes in a cheap cover paper box. This space is often a plain color, sometimes with the name printed on the outside. Jewelry inside is real treat, as most manufacturers do not bother to make the box look lovely. But before you toss the box, consider recovering the sweet craft paper. You can use it to give gifts to others, or you can save your own little things beautiful. It’s a smart way up cycling to keep waste out of landfills.
First, place the kraft jewelry boxes in wrapping paper and test how much paper to use by folding it over the edges of the box. Cut a rectangle of paper based on your estimate. Place the box in the center of the rectangle, and make sure your paper has the smooth side up. Fold the edge of the paper over the side of the box and tape it down. Repeat on the opposite side.
Turn the kraft jewelry boxes so one of one side facing you. Pull the loose flap of paper down on your work surface. Smooth paper around one of the corners, until the corner is wrapped in a triangle of paper. Press the resulting fold down to your work surface and is repeated on another corner. Fold the paper over the edge of the box and tape to the inside. Next, repeat step 3 with the other one side of the paper. Last, repeat steps 1 to 4 with a lid.