Reuse Wine Corks For Wall Tiles

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Cork wall tiles – Wine corks come from the bark of cork oak, Quarks Sober L., usually from the western Mediterranean region of the world. From an ongoing effort to stop wasting cork and conserve trees, reuse wine corks for wall tiles like a good idea.
The first, cut the wine corks on round discs with a sharp knife and a cutting board. The length of a cork is 1 3/4 inches, which, if divided equally into seven pieces, gives you a disk 1/4 inch thick. You can also make them thicker discs cut into sections 3/8 or 1/2-inch, which will increase the number of corks needed per tile. Second, Measure a square 8 1/2-inch on paper lining the wall can be painted. Cut the square and place on a work surface. A smaller tile is easier to work with than larger tiles. You will use about 12 blocks per tile – more or less depending on how thick discs cut.
Third, Place the first slice of cork wall tiles in the top left corner, glued in place with wood glue outside woodwork. Arrange the following discs below the first, keeping them squeezed together. As you move, apply some wood glue to outside points where discs are touching each other and with the bottom, using a small brush quarter-inch. Then start the second row by placing the first disc in the hyphen between the first two discs in the front row. Upon reaching the bottom of the disc, cut in half and place the other half on top of the row. Continue placing the discs in alternate rows. Drying the cork plaques for about 24 hours or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
After that use two strips of tape 8 inch double-sided wall. Apply through the upper edge and the other through the lower edge. Cork wall tile press firmly against the wall to make sure the tape sticks safely. Add more chips, placing them firmly against one another. Finally to tile, use glue to hold the tiles in place and then the flexible grout to fill the gaps. Seal the floor after the tiles are completely dry.