Rod Hanging Closet Organizer

Premium Hanging Closet Organize

The hanging closet organizer rod style allows you to hang all their bars, shelves and cabinets on one hanger mounted near the ceiling of your closet. This efficient and robust system makes it easier for owners to personalize their cabinets to suit your exact needs. Because the suspension is mounted on the top plate of the cabinet is very strong and can withstand the load.
Hanging closet organizer, remove everything from the closet, including any existing shelves and bars. Fill holes in the walls with wood filler and scrape the excess using a spatula 1 inch. If your wardrobe is dirty, you may want to paint while yet. This will make your new wardrobe feel fresh.
Hanging closet organizer cut a hanger for the duration of your closet wall with tin snips or a hacksaw. Placing the hanger bar on top of the wall of the toilet so that the top of the suspension bar touches the ceiling. Screw the long wood screws through the hanger on the sill of the upper (a wooden beam running along the top of the wall behind the drywall). Place shelves on both sides of the areas where you want to install shelves or cabinets. Use a stud finder to locate the uprights.