Romoving Dry Erase Wall Paint

Amazing Dry Erase Wall Paint

Dry erase wall paint – To dry erase wall paint first step is stir the pasta well with a paint palette. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of bowl while mixing. Pour 2 cups of paint remover in a container or plastic tray of paint. Resist the temptation to add more. Apply the remover a little at a time allows you to apply and remove before it dries on the wall and paint becomes much more difficult to remove. Apply a layer about a quarter inch thick wall with a brush or roller according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Let the remover in place for the MSRP of time (usually 30 minutes to an hour) amount. Leave the room for most of the waiting period to avoid fumes. Check the exhaust towards the end of Timeout manufacturer. Scrape the paint off the wall with a plastic spatula. Dump the goop into the pot of nearby trash.Dampen a cloth with paint remover dry erase wall paint.
Rub the area scraped to remove any residual remover and loose paint. Clean the wall with a cloth dampened in water or solvent neutralization MSRP Remover. Reapply remover stubborn stains in the treated section. Remove a section of paint. Continue until all the dry erase wall paint is removed.