Rustic Bedroom Sets: Warm At Night

Unique Rustic Bedroom Sets Near Me

Rustic bedroom sets ideas include both bedding and linen you use beds, as well as actual beds. Whatever your cottage is a small hand-made structure, a finer log cabin, you still need beds. Depending on size of cabin, you can have a master bedroom and guest room for friends and family.
Handmade quilts are a way to make your bedding work with rustic bedroom sets theme. Cover beds with flannel sheets, which keep you and your guests warm at night, and top with quilt. Check local antique stores, or stores that sell quilts made by local artists. Machine-made quilts are often cheaper than handmade quilts, but have a similar look, if you equip several rooms or if you have a small budget, picking machine made. You can also use a down comforter and drape a folded blanket at foot of bed.
Headboard of rustic bedroom sets is almost always visible, even if you use a large number of pillows or stack pillows against headboard. Selecting a rustic style headboard, or even to make your own, follow cottage theme. Look for headboards made of real logs, or headboards made and shaped to resemble logs. End caps made of old doors and wood is brought to a new way to incorporate Specialty to your bedroom. Each hole, knot and imperfection on wood adds character and style to your bedroom.