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Rustic laminate flooring – I bought a new floor and the doors soil I don’t like, in terms of Gates gives me worth throwing them to buy new ones, if custom to a painter lacarlas spray out very expensive, and lacarlas by hand, would be good? Advise me what color?, on the other hand and in terms of soil, intend to put laminate flooring in the lounge and bedrooms (in a color clear), do you think if I leave the kitchen, bathrooms and Hall in rustic?, the problem is that I like very modern furniture and not is if it would be very bold to leave floors in rustic.
The truth is that what they tell me is something very personal that should go with the style rustic laminate flooring that you have, starting with doors, Sapele (which is a wood that just grain) being can be lacquered perfectly, with respect to the price not be can now cost, that can do you it any automobiles or painter, but it is convenient to have in account that in white lacquered doors are very sensitive , and if you have small children or them are going to have in a short time.
If you can advise that you enter on the web site of Artevi doors (they are the ones that we distribute, but there are almost the same models in any manufacturer), where you can see many more modern style rustic laminate flooring and which are selling very well. As regards stage, I advise rustic laminate flooring but the best and the most expensive, it is clear, is the wood. Wood is warm even though it has the drawbacks of the Park, as you know, it is very delicate. The floating flooring laminate flooring, there are numerous manufacturers, designs, colors and finishes.