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Rustic ranch homes – Providing stables for your animal’s well-designed course will support the development and health of the cattle in it. Broadly speaking, there are several designs usually created one of which is rustic ranch homes.
Chicken coops rustic design is one that has a cage enclosure design that consists of two rooms, namely closed and open space. Closed room serves as shelter and nesting. While the open space used as a place to indulge the hens are kept, including eating and drinking, because its design is simple, rustic stables most used by rustic ranch homes.
Then type rustic ranch homes are cage litter. This enclosure manufacturing principle is cultivating a chicken in an enclosed space so easily monitored, On the pedestal cage coated with cement floors so as not to tarnish and easy to clean. Furthermore, the cement floor can be coated with a mixture of sawdust, rice husks, corn cobs, and peanut shells. Aside from being a heating pad, this pad also serves to absorb odors and moisture in the room. The base layer can be reversed periodically and replaced if it is too dirty. Alas that has been used can be used as raw material for making manure.