Separate Different Types Of Herringbone Tile Floor

Famous Herringbone Tile Floor

Herringbone tile floor – the separate different types of herringbone tile floor are Size tiles: If you have square tiles, you can place them side by side in a type style brick wall so that the joint between two tiles are aligned with the center of the tile is on the other line. Create a design type checkerboard tile if you have two colors, or rotate them by 90 ° to achieve a diamond type design. Instead of using square tiles, consider using rectangular tiles with a width: height ratio of 2: 1. Using rectangular tiles can create a cross-over design, with a line of tiles placed vertically followed by a row of tiles horizontally aligned. To make a woven basket design type, two rectangular tiles aligned vertically and continues with two horizontal tiles. This design continues to set the standard.
Two different sizes: Separate herringbone tile floor of different sizes. For example, accompanies a large square tile with a smaller square, 1/4 size, and accompanies rectangular tiles with square tiles. To create a path type design uses a large and five smaller, 1/4 size square tile. Place two small on the right side of the large square on the left side and two floors. The last small tile will go together to the lower left corner of the large tile, in open space.
Three sizes: When you use three sizes of herringbone tile floor to create a design, multiples the size of a tile should equal the size of the largest tile. For example, if you have a large square tile, you can use two rectangular partners or four smaller square tiles that together are the same size of the largest tile. To create a soldier type design, place a small near the top left corner of the large square tile floors. Then, place a rectangular tile under the square tile.