Storage Bench With Drawers

Latest Storage Bench With Drawers

Storage bench with drawers – Admission is the first and the last room you when you walk in or out of the home. This is where you welcome your guests, and here you send them off again. With a wonderful entry belongs of course also a number of beautiful hall furniture in order to get order in family matters, as they meet functional needs.
After an interesting alternative to traditional storage bench with a seat that lifts up, you may consider using a storage bench with drawers that pull out. These benches are available in a variety of wood finishes and styles and typically have wicker baskets that can be labeled for each family member and pulled out for storing winter clothes. Attractive, functional and sturdy, these special benches are sure to help you meet your storage needs in style this winter.
For example, entre storage bench with drawers in Belinda series is incredibly beautiful and available in two variants – painted white with black cushion and oiled oak with black cushion. The four drawers with handles allow for convenient storage of small garments, and the cushion forms the base for a comfortable seat when the clothes must be taken on and off.