Systems Of Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Sliding Glass Door Coverings For Room Dividers

Sliding glass door coverings – The sliding doors are decorative and practical and a great solution to save space. Through these doors, we can join or maintain separate rooms that are contiguous, so that does not subtract them breadth and meet the needs of each moment. If we leave the sliding doors closed, we gain intimacy, if we open the sliding doors, gain in size and brightness. In the market we can find different types from which you can choose according to our need. The sliding glass door coverings are presented by two fastening systems: Outer guide. It is a door that slides through a guide placed on the upper and outer portion of the septum. It is a quick and inexpensive solution as it allows installation without works is indispensable even changing door can fit a conventional slide through this system. It has the disadvantage that it is necessary to keep the space empty of furniture that will occupy the door when it is open.

Sliding built. The door is hidden between two walls once opened. It has the advantage that we do not need to keep a wall empty space to allow opening. Guidelines for which slides are hidden between the partitions, for this reason has the disadvantage that in case of failure, would have to tear down the wall to access repair. Within these types of sliding glass door coverings, different aesthetic: A simple door hidden in the gap between two walls, or rests on the wall through the guide.

This system is recommended to close rooms where space is of vital importance. Two sliding doors, which is one on each side of hide passage gap between two walls, or each, in case it is with outer guide. Ideal to separate two environments that sometimes should remain united as the dining room or kitchen office. The two doors are housed in the same space partition, this system, as above, it is recommended to create according to our needs, one or two rooms.