Textured Paint Ideas With Mopping Technique

Graceful Textured Paint Ideas

The mop is a technique of painting with textured paint ideas and in a finish resembling crumpled fabric. The application process is a bit slow, but can add visual interest even the dullest surface. Textured paint ideas with mop requires the use of two colors, since one will be the base layer covering the entire wall and the other will be the top layer to be applied with a rag and a method of stippling.
Textured paint ideas with mopping technique requires one to two days, since the base layer must be completely dry before you can apply the top coat. Covering the entire first wall surface with a primer. This will neutralize the presence of any previous paint color and create a surface suitable for the new colors.
Then apply the base color using a roller 0.6 cm and allowed to dry for four to six hours. For the second layer, creates a mixture with 1.89 liters of paint and a quart (1 liter) of varnish and apply with a damp lint-free cloth. Twisting and rolling work cloth along the wall surface. Rag wheel gradually applying different pressure changing direction and occasionally for a random pattern.