The Correct Way To Install Sliding Barn Door Kit

Sliding Barn Door Kit Diy

Sliding barn door kit is usually preferred by many farmers because they make it easy for someone to access the warehouse regardless of the weather. The door can be left open or closed as you need them to be. Besides being used outside, the door can also be used in interior spaces where they are used as an alternative to traditional dividers and doors.

When you buy door you must ensure that you read the instruction kit that is always with them. Sliding barn door kit Will guide you on how to properly install and take care of your door. If you want to learn how to install your barn door, here are the steps you should follow: The first thing you should do is to measure and cut two pieces of board mounting for each door.

Board that you cut out to be the same length as the doors and 4 cm wider than the tracks; once you’ve cut the board you must attach mounting board to the top and bottom of the door, you must make sure that the mounting board walk straight along the door, then you have to measure and cut two pieces for each track sliding barn door kit and then use the brackets together to enclose part of the track is required.