To Create A Cubby Storage Bench

Fantastic Cubby Storage Bench

Cubby storage bench – is handy almost anywhere in the house, but is particularly suitable for Amman or veranda where you can sit and take off your shoes and store them neatly in the bench cubby holes. Paint all the wood components for cubby storage bench. This includes four planks of one of the 12 timber, which will be cubby dividers of the bench, two planks of one of the 12 timber to the top and bottom of the bench and a piece of 1/2-inch plywood measuring 18 by 49 inches to the back of the bench . Painting prior to assembly is much easier than painting, when everything is joined together.
Power consumption in standby the top and bottom pieces up on a 1-inch edge, with 16 inches between them. Insert cubby storage bench dividers between top and bottom. Dividers distance should be 15 inches apart, with the outer two flush with the ends of the upper and lower planks to make corners. Glue partition planks in place, then set off in the corner clamps while the glue dries.
Drill three pilot holes that are slightly smaller in size than 1 3/4-inch wood screws through the top and bottom boards on each end of each divider plank. Ensure the bench along with 1 3/4-inch wood screws through each of the pilot holes. Fit the back panel of plywood over a side of cubbies and securely in place with 1 3/4-inch plywood wood screws through the top and bottom of the bench, as well as cubby storage bench dividers. The bench will be 18 inches tall, by four cubby holes measuring 12 by 15 by 16 inches.