To Restore Japanese Lacquer Jewelry Box

Premium Lacquer Jewelry Box

Lacquer Jewelry Box – First,  clean finish with a mild oil soap. If this does not clean the object enough, use mineral spirits or citrus-based cleaner. Rub the surface gently with a soft cloth and solvent or cleaner you use. Keep turning the cloth until you can not pick up more dirt. Wipe the surface with a clean, soft cloth for cleaning.
Second steps to restore japanese lacquer jewelry box, test a hidden area with a cotton-tipped swab dipped in alcohol. If alcohol Soften finish, it probably shellac. If the alcohol has no effect, test area with a cotton-tipped swab saturated with lacquer thinner. If the finish is rough and then levels out again, it’s varnish. Once you have identified the finish, you can continue to restore it.  Apply solvent with a brush, using fast, long strokes. Use lacquer thinner to reamalgamate lacquer, and use alcohol to reamalgamate one shellac finish.
Working quickly, hold the brush wet, so that you do not start removing finish instead of just soften it. Do not attempt to brush out any imperfections. It is enough to soften the finish. It will smooth out as the solvent dries. Allow the solvent to dry until it is no longer sticky. Allow four or five hours to finish to completely dry. Fourth,  wax surface when dry. After using the solvent for smooth finish, it will look dry. Apply a layer of wax, furniture polish it to a high gloss with a soft cloth. Steps to to restore japanese lacquer jewelry box was done.