Types Insulated Garage Doors

Best Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors – As you look at the curb appeal of your home, you naturally includes the appearance of the garage door. What you can forget is the fact that a lot of heat is lost outside the door if your garage does not include insulation on the door. You can buy insulated doors already installed or can install it yourself. A popular type of insulation of the garage door is fiberglass panels. Like the familiar fiber insulation glass used in attic insulation, these panels provide excellent R value to stop air leaks your garage. The fiberglass insulation slides on each door panel. Hooks provided with the kit insulation fiberglass insulation panels ensure the garage door. Because each panel has vinyl cover over it, the door has a finished look to it. You also have the added advantage of not having to touch the glass fiber material that can be rough. Reflective sheeting kits have two layers of plastic bubbles filled with air enclosed in foil high strength. These teams provide a high R value for your door and are easy to install. The sheet acts as a barrier against moisture and heat reflector. To install, cut the reflective sheet to fit each door panel. Check the insulated garage doors with tape. If you prefer a white interior color rather than the appearance of aluminum reflective foil packages are available also coated white vinyl.

Styrofoam is a good insulating material. You can buy kits insulated garage doors made of polystyrene doors of different thicknesses of this material based on the R-value you need to accomplish to keep your garage warm in winter and cool in summer. The kits have panels that slide into the frame side of the door. Thicker Styrofoam generally fits perfectly enough that you do not have to hold it in place with tape or fasteners. If you choose a package with thin pieces of insulation foam tape to secure it in position. Most door panels polystyrene have a protective coating vinyl makes them easy to clean.

Spray foam provides another way to insulated garage doors. This method is more difficult to install than the others mentioned here, but provides excellent insulation. First, install a solid panel between the channels of each section of the door. A special tool is injected spray foam between the panel and the outer door forming an insulating barrier. Once the foam creates, joins wood or metal outer door and to the inner panel installed.