Vinyl And Wide Plank Flooring

Classy Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring – Having the refined and welcoming look of a floor composed of woods Law, in the room or in the rooms is the desire of many consumers, interior designers and architects. Besides the natural beauty, called the floor wide plank offers unmatched durability and strength, as long as care is taken over time.
On the count of wide plank flooring, this floor gives a more uniform look to environments, and can be installed in various directions as the longitudinal and diagonal, for example. For Installation and maintenance costs made with natural wood, wide plank flooring demand more frequent maintenance, with leveling and regulation. These floorboards suffer from the action of temperature and humidity, with elevations and generating even the need for eventual replacement of some boards over time.
Besides the investment of time and money on maintenance, wide plank flooring has a higher purchase price compared to other derivatives wooden floors. Therefore, to meet a growing demand from consumers who appreciate the visual pattern of the wood floor but looking for a more cost and low maintenance, exist in the market, the choices of laminate flooring and vinyl. The advantages of vinyl flooring considered a greener floor to be composed of recyclable material; vinyl flooring offers a choice of finishes that replicate the visual pattern of different types of woods.